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Wednesday, August 24, 2005 


Well, I've had all of my classes once.

Good times - I hope.
I really don't think this semester will be too hard. The hard class for me is definetly going to be accounting. The other classes seem to be simple regurgitation for the most part. And my information systems class looks like it's going to be total, frosted, warm cake.

So, I shouldn't have to worry too bad. Except for accounting. But, I have a little bit of time to look over stuff. Of course, AJ is a super student, and she probably thinks I'm the biggest slacker in the world. And in reality, if I was to be in "slackerthon 2005" I probably wouldn't come in last place by a long shot. But, I just cant sit down and force myself to study for hours and hours every night. I can do my homework, read the chapter, etc, but if I don't get it it doesn't do me much good to beat my brain till I can't see straight trying to get information in.

Plus, I need time to play around with my computer gadgets/games.

So, all in all, good times. I'll probably be calling on Audrey (sister in law) for some help from time to time, cause accounting is gonna be ack-ish, but other than that... it's all gravy, baby!

Oh, and for those of you who care, Google released a new Instant Messaging service today. It's not got a lot of features to it YET, but it looks very very promising. It's also slated to have incredible voice support for talking to friends online (I haven't tried this feature yet...but I will soon!) The only thing you have to have to get started is a Gmail Acccount, and in reality, who doesn't want over 2 gig's worth of storage for e-mail, word documents, etc? Thanks to the guys at Xmail, I use my gmail as a place so I can access important files from all over the place, no matter what computer I'm at! Good show, Google! You just keep on crankin out those products :)

K, I'm out...

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