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Monday, August 01, 2005 

Of school and working...

Well, it's official. I'm now enrolled in 12 hours of school, and will be working all that I can.
Oy, with the crazyness

I talked to my supervisor today, and she told me that she doesn't want me to make up the hours I'm going to be missing for class by staying later every day. That's a bummer. There goes 8 hours a week (16 hours a paycheck) that I won't get any money for. Plus, with everything changing, I'm afraid that they're going to find a way to phase me out of the picture here. This is even more likely if the merge with the Cherokee Nation happens.
I really don't like working here, but, I don't want to get let go either. I really hope something happens soon, or I'm going to go crazy!

In other news, the kittens are cute. :)
One of them has stolen our hearts, she's so soft and small and full of cuteness. She's not named yet..but, she has one orange ear. Therefore my temporary naming scheme is to call her orange ear :)
(what, it is orange!)

Ok, I'm out, talk to ya later

Excellent, love it!
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