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Wednesday, July 20, 2005 

Computer Glee and a Job Interview

Hello all,

Yesterday, a monumental thing happened in the quiet streets of Tahlequah, OK. During a frantic lunch break came a man. A man with a box that would change the way that I would pursue my computing desires. Yes, after months of waiting, wishing, and hoping (and occasionally whining :oP) my computer is fixed! Luckily, only the motherboard, power supply, and case were damaged, and everything else is working splendidly. So, if anyone is up for some computer gaming, gimme a buzz :)

In other news, Muffin's kittens are still cute, in case anyone wondered. If you'd like to keep updated with photos, AJ's got quite a few posted on her blogspot page. They're starting to open their eyes a little. Adorable, really.

Oh, and the other news. I saw an ad on the Tahlequah Daily Press website yesterday about a school needing a computer/technical person, so I called them about it this morning, and have an interview tomorrow at 11:30! Everyone wish me well and pray it goes ok. It would be nice to get a change of scenery from my current office in the dungeon.

Oh, and last thing, I promise. Check out my links section. There at the bottom is a link to a great game that's going to be coming out later this year called Stargate SG:1 The Alliance. It's a pretty good site, albeit a little slow. If you like sci-fi, I definetly suggest you check out the show, and if you like computer games, too, then you could be in love!

Lata peeps,

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