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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 

Birthdays and Kittens

Well, yesterday was my birthday, and I am now 22 years old.

Good day, took the day off work
Ok, so I get to work this morning, and the accountant comes into my office griping at me, fussing asking where I was yesterday. I told her that I filled out a leave request a week ago, and had even gotten a copy back in my mailbox, the same way that I've been taking time off since I started working here. So, she starts griping at me, telling me that I did it wrong, and how I'm supposed to handle time off differently, and that she won't pay me for the time I took off last week, even though I put in a leave request. I really really really dislike this place
::end aside::

So, the day was mostly calm, watched some Stargate SG-1, went over to the newlywed's house to look at pictures and partake in some cosmic brownie lovin'

When we get home, we can't find Muffin. So, we look around, and find her under the bed, with a little furry replica of herself on the floor. So, as my birthday present from my cat, I now have 5 kittens in the floor under the bed. Bad placing. Cute though. If you want to see pictures, go to AJ's journal www.joyfulnoiz.blogspot.com

Ok, well, I'm done. Shout outs to everyone.

I threatened to call his job and give them a piece of my mind, but he wouldn't let me.

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