Tuesday, July 26, 2005 

The week as of Tuesday

Ah, this week.

Good news: AJ's working! Such a huge relief... Plus, I'm happy she found a job that she can enjoy, and isn't terribly stressful. She got ok'd for 29 hours a week, and let me assure you, that's going to be a HUGE help. We'll be able to get rid of some annoying little bills we have, and actually have money to get some of the stuff we've needed for a while now. Plus, it takes a bit of worry off of me with my current job, and the factors surrounding it. Very much happiness ensues!

School starts in less than a month, and I'll be taking 12 hours (hopefully, I'm waiting till the last minute to enroll in some of my classes in case something comes up at work). So, I'll be cutting back a few hours at work. Not many, cause I'll make most of them up by working a little bit later every night (except Monday, when I have a night class). I'm ready to get that little piece of paper that automatically transforms me from "Will Burgess, guy who apparenlty doesn't know what he's doing because he hasn't graduated in a completely unrealated field," to "Will Burgess, now we should hire this guy to do something completely unrelated to his degree because...well, he has a degree." (Does anyone understand that thinking? Seriously...MIS is a joke if you want to do computer work...oh, well. In the end I just want a coffee shop anyway...) Hopefully now that AJ's working, she'll be kind and loving enough to help me get a computer certification or two as well, which will make me quite a bit more of a commodity than I am now. (Have I mentioned I'm really glad AJ's working?)

On the kitten front, things are very very cute. There's one who I've dubbed "orange ear" because, you guessed it, she has an orange ear, that is completely adorable. I hate to play favorites, but I do anyway. She's very soft, and becoming very adventurous, especially for how small she is. All the kittens are very cute, but she's my favorite. :) If you want more updates on the kittens, please see AJ's blogspot.

As far as work goes..well, it's work. I hope something changes soon. And I'm sure it will, that's one for sure thing I see coming up..change. I just hope that it's good change instead of bad.

Lata Peeps...

Thursday, July 21, 2005 

Interview Woes

Oy, I just got back from the Job Interview at Shady Grove Schools.


Well, I don't think I'll be getting a call back from them. I went in all dudded up in my suit and tie, to find the superintendant interviewing me in khaki shorts and a t-shirt. This got me feelin a little bit unsure. Then, I handed him my resume, which he looked at for about five seconds before having convulsions and foaming at the mouth (ok, maybe a little less bad than that). He asked me what I can do, and I explained it to him as simply as I knew how, and then he walked me around the school and showed me what all they have.
Not a bad little setup, really. They've got pretty nice computers, and some good equipment to network the computers together. The bad thing is, whoever was there didn't know what they were doing, and none of the equipment is being used right. I did my best to explain what things were and how they worked, and told him that there were ways to make things work a lot better, which he seemed to be impressed with.
So, then comes the talk of salary. Lets say that he was less than enthusiastic about the price I quoted him. But, for the amount of work that needs to be done, I thought it was pretty reasonable.
He also didn't like the fact I was still in school.

Oh, well...whatever happens happens.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 

Computer Glee and a Job Interview

Hello all,

Yesterday, a monumental thing happened in the quiet streets of Tahlequah, OK. During a frantic lunch break came a man. A man with a box that would change the way that I would pursue my computing desires. Yes, after months of waiting, wishing, and hoping (and occasionally whining :oP) my computer is fixed! Luckily, only the motherboard, power supply, and case were damaged, and everything else is working splendidly. So, if anyone is up for some computer gaming, gimme a buzz :)

In other news, Muffin's kittens are still cute, in case anyone wondered. If you'd like to keep updated with photos, AJ's got quite a few posted on her blogspot page. They're starting to open their eyes a little. Adorable, really.

Oh, and the other news. I saw an ad on the Tahlequah Daily Press website yesterday about a school needing a computer/technical person, so I called them about it this morning, and have an interview tomorrow at 11:30! Everyone wish me well and pray it goes ok. It would be nice to get a change of scenery from my current office in the dungeon.

Oh, and last thing, I promise. Check out my links section. There at the bottom is a link to a great game that's going to be coming out later this year called Stargate SG:1 The Alliance. It's a pretty good site, albeit a little slow. If you like sci-fi, I definetly suggest you check out the show, and if you like computer games, too, then you could be in love!

Lata peeps,

Thursday, July 14, 2005 

Cats are weird

Ok, so, Muffin has these 5 cute kittens. And she keeps them on the floor. As you can imagine, the carpet is getting dirty. Since this is a rent house and we're not "supposed" to have animals inside, AJ and I have been frantically trying to get Muffin to keep her kittens in a box, or at the very least, on a towel. Does she? Nope...

Cats are so strange..

On happy news, I ordered some parts for a freelance job I'm doing, and I got to throw in the parts I need to fix my computer, too. Soon (I hope) I'll be computing at full power at home again! Yay!
(gets his games ready for a very happy reunion)

~Out for now~

Tuesday, July 12, 2005 

Birthdays and Kittens

Well, yesterday was my birthday, and I am now 22 years old.

Good day, took the day off work
Ok, so I get to work this morning, and the accountant comes into my office griping at me, fussing asking where I was yesterday. I told her that I filled out a leave request a week ago, and had even gotten a copy back in my mailbox, the same way that I've been taking time off since I started working here. So, she starts griping at me, telling me that I did it wrong, and how I'm supposed to handle time off differently, and that she won't pay me for the time I took off last week, even though I put in a leave request. I really really really dislike this place
::end aside::

So, the day was mostly calm, watched some Stargate SG-1, went over to the newlywed's house to look at pictures and partake in some cosmic brownie lovin'

When we get home, we can't find Muffin. So, we look around, and find her under the bed, with a little furry replica of herself on the floor. So, as my birthday present from my cat, I now have 5 kittens in the floor under the bed. Bad placing. Cute though. If you want to see pictures, go to AJ's journal www.joyfulnoiz.blogspot.com

Ok, well, I'm done. Shout outs to everyone.

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