Wednesday, June 29, 2005 

Vacation Stuff

So, AJ and I had a mini-vacation in California, around Pebble Beach.
Let me tell you, when I get older and decide to retire, that's definetly where I'm going to move, if not sooner. The temperature is perfect. While Oklahoma was wilting away with over 100 degree temperatures, we were walking around chilly in mid 70's weather. The hotels/houses in that area don't even have air conditioners because they're not needed. How cool is that?

But, I digress. On to the funness!

First plane ride: Kinda weird. I kept on getting disoriented when the plane was turning, taking off, or landing. All in all, it was cool, though. By the time we got home, flying was fun. :)

So, we get to CA, and are immediately taken to our rooms at the Hyatt. Let me tell you, this place was NICE. Never been to a hotel that had a bellhop before, that was interesting. The bed there was soooooo comfy. **Cries for the comfy bed at the Hyatt** Makes my bed at home feel like sleeping on the floor. But any-hoo...

First night, there was pizza and games at the 2.8 million dollar Pebble Beach house where the wedding was going to be held. We played around there for a while, and then the guys went of for a bachelor party to a place called the Blue Fin. Good food, I liked the buffalo shrimp. So, a few hours, and a few hundred dollars later, we were done with that, and back in the room.

Friday was our "have fun" day. We got to the house, had a mini-rehersal, ate a big lunch at another fancy restaraunt, and then went off to an Amusement Park/Beach. Good times. We rode the log ride and a few others, and got to play some mad putt-putt. I lost of course, keeping with tradition, but I blame it on all the pirates around. (It was a pirate themed course, arrrgh)

Saturday: The Wedding
Started off the day with a relaxing swim, and ate at the restaraunt in the hotel. Good fish tacos. Oh, yea, by the way... they make tacos out of fish. And they don't suck to bad, either.
But then, off to the wedding. All of us guys got into our all black suits and pink ties. (Hey, not my fav color, but we matched well with the bridesmaids) The ceremony was beautiful, and there were more roses and flowers around than I can even imagine. After this was the reception.
What to say about the reception...well... I think "WOW" kind of puts it plainly.
There was a bartender for alcohol, and one for virgin drinks, waiters and waitresses with coctails and little appetizers, and all kinds of stuff. There was even a guy there who did nothing but make really good coffee the whole time. (Heaven) Being in the wedding party, AJ and I got to sit at the head table, and were treated to grilled chicken and steak, and what was some of the best cake (red velvet for the brides cake, and chocolate coma for the grooms cake) I've ever had. (In my own weddings defense, I don't remember getting to eat any of the cake besides the piece my loving bride shoved down my windpipe, but that's another story)
The party lasted until after dark, and was full of precious moments, dancing, and towards the end, a few drunks.

That night, the groomsmen and wives went to the beach and played in the sand for a while, before going back to the Hyatt for the last time before our plane ride home.

Great memories. All kinds of keepsakes. I got a hat, a "Groomsman" t-shirt, all kinds of snacks and goodies, and a really nice Fossil watch.

Oh, and another great thing about the trip.
My costs were simply gas money for our car, parking fees at the airport, and a few meals.
Can't beat that.

Hopefully AJ or I will post pics later.


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